Gary Fusari Construction & Design Built Contracting

Goal driven and results-oriented professional offering practical and progressive career success in project management, construction and operational leadership. Recognized for the ability to strategically navigate regulatory process to gain all required building permits in a timely fashion. Enjoys reputation as a competent project manager that identifies and manages qualified sub-contractors. Excellent qualifications in providing superior customer service and generating accurate project time lines and budgets.Thrive on challenging opportunities to resolve problems within fast paced work environments.

Experience ,Experience, Experience,  Established and maintained an excellent construction project completion record and an excellent credit rating with construction lending institutions.  

Personal attention to each job:
Reduced expenses and project time lines by identifying and implementing efficient alternate building strategies and/or design changes 

Client participation:
To ensure our clients' needs are satisfied we constantly invite our clients to participate and provide input during the process.  After all it’s our job to make our clients' dream a reality. 

Utilized extensive construction management skills to develop comprehensive budgets for clients that included both hard and soft cost, such as building, financing, land acquisition, interest, permit fees, entitlement fees, supplies and labor.